Soft Pretzels, Weak Knots, and Awesome Flour

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— Amor and Baking
A nearly perfect pretzel is just what everyone needs in their life.

A nearly perfect pretzel is just what everyone needs in their life.


I am absolutely in love with King Arthur Flour and their awesome website. I have tried making pretzels a few times now and they always end up very mediocre or like those awful soft pretzels you see selling in bags at the movie theatre. Not many of my friends bake and so I had nowhere to turn so I had completely given up on soft pretzels until I just happened to see the King Arthur Flour Hot Buttered Soft Pretzels recipe on the top of their popular recipe list. And since this blog is as much about me learning to bake as anything else I have to share how important the King Arthur Flour website has become to me. While my mom and grandma are amazing cooks neither of them are bakers and rarely have solutions to problems that arise in the kitchen for me. Cue King Arthur Flour: they have a Baker's Hotline and Chat feature right on the website. Amazing!

On to the pretzels, I used my stand mixer and the whole process was an absolute breeze. Other recipes I tried overcomplicated everything and I think from now on when I want to make something I am unfamiliar with I will just stick to King Arthur Flour.  Because these pretzels turned out so amazing. I play fast and loose with uniformity and rarely follow directions to a T, but all six of these guys and their little pretzel bite buds still turned out perfectly.

All jokes aside this was not paid for by King Arthur Flour. I just can't think of any other way to share my gratitude for what they do and all my friends are sick of me talking about it.