Amor & Baking is a way for me to share something I love and to motivate myself to try new things. I am a self-described baking and crafting prodigy with few actual skills. 

I was a product of Mexico and the South meeting in Southern California, so naturally, I love my foods spicy, fried in butter and covered in avocado. I went to college in Europe and hold a special place in my heart for Italy and Northern Ireland.  And am therefore an evangelical member of the church of starch and carbs. 

I am a fiend for news and current events and thoroughly believe knowledge is power. 

Since moving back to the states I have lived in Houston, TX and San Jose, CA. 

If you choose to use my photos please give credit where credit is due (to me) please. 

Thank you, enjoy, and much love,





Andy, the Baker in Chief

Andy, the Baker in Chief

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